29 years old
Lives in Lagos

I bring a commanding presence to my dynamic voice artistry, effortlessly transitioning between high and low pitches with exceptional versatility. My rich vocal range allows me to infuse each project with depth and emotion, captivating multiple audiences.

Versatility, emotional Range, clear Articulation, Breath Control, Script Interpretation, Pacing & ti

With over seven years in the industry, I've voiced for notable brands like shotbyprarts, Afriq Arbitrage System, Ziko Creamy bites and many others delivering clear, captivating narrations and character voices. Let's bring your vision to life with my voice

  • City of Lagos. by Oyonomke Okoi
    Added March 22, 2024, 7:29 p.m.

To book this artiste, call the Nigerian Voice Bank on 0809 279 6787 or email