NVBPRO (Nigerian Voice Bank Production) is the production arm of the Nigerian Voice Bank but Production for us is not just about making sound (even though we have perfected the act), but it is a blend of Imagination, creativity, innovation, modern tools and Passion.

We pay great attention to detail and how we make your audience perceive you. That's why we focus on every client like they are all we have.

Our desire for excellence in audio production has attracted a team of enthusiastic, creative and yet professional sound engineers.

NVBPRO is a complete audio solution studio with a client base that spans four continents.


The Nigerian market continues to be the toast of multinational companies but its great diversity (both cultural and regional) makes market penetration a challenge.

Our localization teams are skilled at telling your story, your way, in the Nigerian language. We strive to seamlessly connect international brands to the Nigerian market using innovative and creative processes.

Let us help you position your brand in this vast market.


We may struggle with foreign languages but nobody knows Nigeria better than our team of home grown translators.

We translate from English to any Nigerian dialect, not just Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

We also translate from English to Swahili and French.

Lip Syncing

When a translation service is for a voice over it can be really tricky because some languages are naturally longer than others.

At NVB, with the help of our mother company Flame Media Works we have been able to turn out some great lip syncing projects like Joy in the Shoprite Kitchen.

It takes more than just modern software to perfect a lip syncing project but great attention to detail in all its process.

Voice Casting

Looking for the perfect Nigerian voice for your project, search our collection or send us a mail.

We have built a home for some of the finest Nigerian Voices online and offline.

We also understand the Nigerian Market well enough for you to trust us to match that perfect voice to your script.