To do a great job in voiceover work, Nigerian talents need to focus on a few important techniques:

1. Accent and Dialect: Nigeria has many different accents and ways of speaking depending on the region. Talents should be good at speaking in different Nigerian accents like Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, depending on what the project needs.

2. Being Real: Nigerian voiceover artists should sound genuine when they speak. They need to capture the unique rhythms and tones of Nigerian speech to connect well with Nigerian listeners and make the message sound believable.

3. Expressing Feelings: Like any voice actor, Nigerian talents should be able to show a wide range of emotions in their voice. They should convincingly convey feelings like happiness, sadness, excitement, anger, and understanding, depending on what the script calls for.

4. Understanding Culture: It's important for Nigerian talents to know about Nigerian culture and customs. This helps them avoid saying anything inappropriate and make sure they respect the audience's beliefs and values. They should also understand local phrases and sayings to make the voiceover more relatable.